Do You Offer Variety Boxes?

I do not. My donuts are gourmet, meaning that the dough and glaze for each flavour are different. Thus, it becomes very time consuming to add more than one flavour! As a result, I dedicate one flavour per day and do not offer variety boxes.

 How Do I Place An Order?

Once a month, I will post a calendar and a menu on my website. On the calendar, you will see when each flavour on that month’s menu is available. This will give you time to decide what, when, and how much you would like to order. Then, at the designated drop time stated on the website and my social media, the website will open for orders. You will be able to pick the flavours and dates you desire and place an order. It is helpful to save your credit card information onto the website for faster checkout. Due to high demand and limited stock, it is never guaranteed you will be able to successfully place an order.
If you are interested in a custom order, please visit the custom tab.

Are Your Donuts 100% Peanut/Nut Free?

Yes. I have a life-threatening allergy to all nuts. I grew up never being able to enjoy desserts because they were never safe. It makes me so happy to be able to provide yummy treats for others who have gone through the same struggle. All of my ingredients are completely peanut/nut free and have zero cross contamination from the factories they come from or from my kitchen.